Usual apologies for tardy website update. Here's the report of the SVA, as posted to the cam7 mailing list on the evening of July 16th.

After rebleeding the clutch _again_ last night, it seemed OK at 6:20am this morning (after a very sleepless night), so that was good. Richard arrived, and literally filled the Puma with tools/fluids etc from the garage, and we set off under a distinctly iffy-looking sky.

The trip to Norwich was pretty uneventful down the A11, with the fuel gauge gently dropping, and a constant 70ish deg on the coolant gauge. Stopped at the services on the outer ring road to fill up, and this took some time, due to the crap tank venting arrangement.

On continuing into Norwich, it got _very_ busy on the ring road, and I noticed the needle start climbing (as expected) to about 85 deg. Then onwards to 90...100... Aargh! Quick dive out of the queue into a side road. Hang on, that's odd - no fan. Ring the SVA to tell them the traffic's terrible and I'll be there asap. Check the wires from the fan to see if they've melted against something, and see that for some unfathomable reason, neither are connected. Must've knocked them off at some point since the MOT... Fiddly reconnect and all's fine. Noticed that the clutch master cylinder banjo was weeping again.

Turn up at the SVA centre a short while later, having managed to lose Richard on the ring road. Took the opportunity to whip the bonnet off in the entrance road, and wipe round the clutch cylinder.

The SVA itself went pretty smoothly. The only things I was picked up on were emissions - fiddling the idle air bleed so it idled at 1500rpm fixed that :-), the lack of bonnet catch covers (I got them from Tim yesterday, but didn't fit them cos I didn't have the right sort of velcro to match the monster stuff that's on there), and radiusing on the plenum (because now the external projection rules have changed, not allowing trim that's not 'as a manufacturer such as Ford would use').

Due to the brake test rollers' ability to weigh the car being bust (it's supposed to be accurate to 1kg when working right), it had to be weighed on the weighbridge (nearest 10kg) which was being calibrated, so in the waiting period, Richard was given the magic 2.5mm radius key, and I grabbed a file :-)

On the way back, stopping for fuel was a bit embarrassing - I only managed to get 3 quid's worth in the tank before it airlocked completely. Did I mention that I really need to sort the venting out? Filled it from the jerry can in the exit road from the garage instead.

Big thanks to Richard for getting up at an ungodly hour, measuring radii, and tolerating my excessively-long fuel stops!