This section of the website will be updated as and when 'interesting' things happen during my ownership of the car. No doubt it'll also be erratic ;-)



Following SVA and registration, it's time for some 'modifications' to the car. First on the list was to sort out the fuel venting, and this was achieved by adding a loop-back from the vent to the filler. I should have done this before, really, but filling from a can never showed the problem. Anyway, with the aid of a microbore CH T-piece and a drilled-through bolt, it all seems to work fine, and I can get at least another 5l into the tank!

Next on the list was fit the tonneau, and rearrange the dashboard so I can see the water temp. gauge with the tonneau on. Also to fit the isolator switch properly (it stuck out too much to pass SVA, so I mounted it flush with spacers), and convert to push-button start :)

I've also still got a weeping clutch master cylinder banjo, but everyone else I've spoken to also has this problem. As it's not streaming out, it'll have to do until I can come up with a _real_ solution (other than just trying again and again). If anyone knows of a sealant that doesn't dissolve in brake fluid, that'd be a handy thing to know...

Driving the Dax is certainly an 'experience'. It's monstrously fast, yet feels much more 'soft' than the Tiger at the same time. Definitely in a different league.