August 5th

Hmm, another long delay between updates. This time, I've got the weather to blame - it's been far too hot to even think about going in the garage!

Anyway, I managed to get a day in this weekend, and put the trim on the rear arches, fixed the lights on, upgraded the indicator and brake bulbs to 21w (as opposed to the 5w that they came with). I'm not sure whether these will be too hot for the plastic, but both the indicator and brake should be low duty-cycle - I'll check to see what they're like when I eventually get all wired up! I've also obtained a couple of bits of angle iron for the headlamp mounts, and wired up the fog, reverse and high-level lights. Oh, and marked the rear tonneau out for the poppers. Thrilling.

August 16th

I'm running out of excuses... This time it's the heat and other commitments. Anyway, to try and gain some time back, I took this week off, and have got a reasonable amount done, though not as much as I expected (ain't that always the way).

The bonnet's been fitted, along with the catches, which meant I could also locate and fit the guides inside the engine bay. Also, the front suspension's been completed (SVA bars and camber/toe setup properly), so the nosecone could be fitted too. Both side exhaust pipes have also been put in place, but not totally secured with firegum, as I wanted to make sure that they weren't going to need removing for access first - I don't think they will, though. Also, on the driver's side I've braced the rear mounting bracket in the footwell to prevent too much stress on the ally panels. Finally, I've put the windscreen in place, and cut the holes in the tunnel for the wiring loom to pass through. Oh yes, and I've fitted the front brake calipers. It's starting to look something like now...

Oh, and the new SVA date is the 25th September. I've got at least one more week's holiday to work on it before then - I guess the main loom wiring can't be put off much longer...

August 29th

Well, this week I've learnt that things take much longer than expected. I started off thinking that I'd get to the wiring this week. However, I've not. Almost though, almost...

So, what have I done? Well, a load of little things that I thought I'd best do before getting onto the exciting (?) wiring etc. First of all, I refitted the manifold and plenum chamber to the engine, and suffered from the boltgoblins walking off with one of the manifold bolts (yet leaving me the washer). So, I tidied the garage in an attempt to find it, to no avail. Ho hum. Then I realised that the throttle cable I had wouldn't fit onto the plenum end in a month of sundays. After a brief bout of muttering, I went to the local Rover dealer to get an SD1 one. Of course, it wasn't in stock. On to the local Landie dealer, then (same site). Got a Rangie one, cheaper too.

However, it's about 15 miles long. Fortunately, the pedal-end unit is very easily removable, so it was a trivial matter to cut the cable to length and refit. Very recommended, and very neat (see photo below). While I was out, I decided to try and get some side repeater indicators too. After gawping at umpteen cars over the last week or so, I'd settled on wanting round ones, but the Vauxhall Astra ones seemed a little big. Then I saw a Fiat Cinquecento. Ah ha! Typically, the dealer only had one in stock, and I'm still waiting for the other. However, these are top-recommended too - they're small, they're neat, they take a round mounting hole. And they're only 4 quid each. With a bulb!

After fitting that, it was time to attach the wing mirror mounts to the windscreen uprights, so off with them. And while I was at it, the scuttle too, to sealant the demister trough in. At this point, the missing manifold bolt chose to reappear, in my box of miscellaneous used bolts. Exactly where I'd first looked... Next up were a couple of oddjobs - P-clipping the handbrake cable to the flanges on the DeDion tube, and putting reflectors and a V8 badge on the back (I'd look a right muppet at the SVA if I'd have forgotten the reflectors!).

With these done, it was back to the other thing I've been trying to avoid - the fuel piping. The bullet was bitten, and I've now got it pretty much sorted. The problematic post-pump filter is held to a chassis tube by some huge jubilee clips, the primary pipe is P-clipped down the tunnel, and the secondary will be tiewrapped to that. The only point of issue was where it passes the gearbox - it's a bit too unsupported for my liking. I think I'll tiewrap it to the chassis rail. However, before doing the tiewrapping, I want to get some rubber insulation so the wraps aren't direct onto the pipe (though the Dax demonstrator seems fine like this). Oh, note that in the pic, I've not sorted out the pipe entirely - it doesn't foul the springs now!

That sorted, I finally fitted the tunnel. I've got it held on by self-tappers through the floor, but having done this, I'm not keen on it, so I'll get a load of dome-headed bolts and spreader washers instead. Oh, and I tried to figure out where to put the wiper motor, without much success...
Pretty Rangie cable-end
Big filter Does it go here?