July 8th

Due to one thing and another, I'm going to have to delay the SVA. The car's not even starting to look ready yet, and my holiday's been cancelled. So, I'll ring them tomorrow and see when I can get it - end of August should be do-able with a bit of luck

On the plus side, I got my wheels from Dax on Friday, and got a set of Bridgestone S02 PP's fitted yesterday at a local garage - Kingsway Tyres (01223 352002). Highly recommended, as they were competitively priced and took good care of the wheels. So, with the wheels and tyres in my possession, I decided that the task for the weekend was to get the car rolled out the garage for some photos (and to tidy the garage a bit). The weather conspired against me bigtime, as did the fact that I needed longer studs on the front (which took me the best part of Saturday afternoon to track down), but I managed it, and the photos are below.

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Front - Where's the caliper? Rear - Ah, there's one

July 15th

Collected windscreen, seats and tonneau covers from Dax yesterday. The rear tonneau had no poppers, the windscreen's missing some bolts, and I also got some nylon washers that should've been in with the front suspension pack that I've not fitted. A good start to the weekend. From there, things could only go downhill. On dismantling the front suspension, the nearside lower shock bolt got utterly and totally jammed solid, needing drilling out. I also found out that I had the upper arms on the wrong way round anyway, which was minor consolation. To avoid tempting fate any more, I decided to call it a day.

July 22nd

Right. New weekend, new attitude :-). On Monday, I rang the SVA centre and re-scheduled the test for August 31st, only to find out the following day that it clashed with a friend's wedding. They refuse to move the wedding, so I'll have to ring them again tomorrow...

So, today I reassembled the front suspension, and then set about putting the rear arches on, which is a bit of a faffy job, particularly with one person. That's it, really. Took me the best part of the day to get them sorted, but it's a job well done.

Wot, no lights?