June 10th

It's getting frighningly familiar, but yes, it's another well overdue diary entry, this time mainly due to it being good weather. Pah.

I've now got photocopies of the V5 for the donor TVR, and the original receipt of sale, so that should satisfy the SVA/VRO without any problems. Hurrah! Talking of the SVA, I applied for it last week, and got an additional form by return of post, asking how much of my car is self-assembled. Why they couldn't have sent me this with the original form, I'm not sure... Anyway, I've asked for a date no sooner than the 22nd July, and judging by current experience on the Tiger list, it will probably be mid-August. That suits me OK, as the closer the car gets to looking something like, the more I realise I've got to do. Still, I've got plenty of holiday to book :-)

On the car, I've looked at how the exhausts are going to fit, and tried to figure out how I'm going to cut the holes in the right place. The leftmost picture below shows my initial attempt, using tape to mark the left/right location of the pipes, and scrawling the distance from the top chassis rail to the top of the pipe. They're between 40 and 50mm from the top of the rail. Allied to the fact that the holes don't want to be too tight-up to the hot pipes (burning GRP doesn't smell nice), and because the flanges have to go through the holes (with it being a one-piece exhaust), I think that the holes will probably be 76mm (which I've already got a holecutter for), and done as a pair of ovals.

Also, I've fitted the airhorn on a bracket placed under the steering rack, screwed the scuttle in place (after _much_ measuring!), and populated the battery tray. The hole in the scuttle is for the fusebox, so it's easily accessible from the engine bay, and the open area in front of it is where the air filter will rest. The final picture is of the dash as it stands at the moment - I'm a little unsure how to deal with the bottom edge yet though. Current plan is to fold the edge over (as on the top), use a length of piping along the edge, and then cover the underside with another piece of vinyl for neatness. Oh, and the empty hole below the starter button is for an ignition key, but that needs a bit of grinding, due to the ridiculous thickness of the GRP at that point!

Where's the stars? Bwaaaaaarp
Hmm, where can I get the battery chromed? A wild dashboard

June 20th

Slightly later than intended, here's the latest instalment. I've got my SVA date, which is the 23rd July, but I can't see that I'm going to be able to meet it. Things seem to be grinding along at a very slow rate at the moment, with the 'to-do' list growing more rapidly than it's shrinking. Anyway, I've asked for a fortnight off work, so that might get me somewhere.

Since the last update, I've fitted the ECU to the inside of the scuttle and tried to work out how the heck the loom marries up with the ECU one. I think I've got it sorted now, but only after having to buy a couple of missing bits from a LR dealer. Also sort of electrical, I've grommeted holes in the scuttle for the ECU wiring and battery +ve cable (to the isolator switch). I've also plumbed the washer pipe in and cut the holes for the wiper spindles. Oh, and made a start on the rear exhaust mounts, at which point my trolley jack (which I was using to support the tailpipe) decided to give up the ghost fairly spectacularly by peeing fluid everywhere...

June 25th

Wow, a weekend where I can work on the car! With the aid of a new trolley jack, I've done the rear exhaust mounts (complete with reinforcing bars so it's not flexing the aluminium panels too much), finished off the trimming of the side panels, fitted them, and also cut out the necessary holes for the exhaust. They're a bit bigger than I'd have liked (76mm diam), but I don't think I could've gone much smaller and them still been big enough to get the exhaust manifold flanges through - the next size down holecutter I have is 67mm, which would definitely not have been enough. Anyway, as a side-effect of the size of the holes, I've decided to leave it as 4 indivivual holes, rather than making it two ovals as I'd first planned. Also I've completed the trimming of the dash, and have made all the centre-loom connections to the instruments.

During the week, I ordered an alternator bracket from Magnum Engineering (01926 642122). As can be seen from the photos below, it's not perfect, but by chopping the very end off (and thus being able to move it a tad further out), and grinding the front bracket down on the alternator, I reckon it might _just_ do...
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