First of all, apologies for the lack of updates recently. However, between work, holiday, work, work, and more work, I've not actually done anything kit-wise up until this week. But now things move apace...

April 13th

Went down to the Dax open day, and had a good look at the dashboards of the accumulated Rushes. I think I've decided on the CA Telemetrix instruments now, but am still undecided on a dash layout. (Readers of my Tiger build will be aware that I built several dashes for that...). Also took a good look at exhausts and wheels. It seems that pretty much everyone has the standard Dax exhaust, and an equivalent home-made one didn't cost much less, so Dax are pretty well-priced on this. I think I'll just have to not look when I pay for it... On the wheels front, most had Image wheels (as expected), but the cheapo League Integrale one-piece wheels didn't look too bad. Not my choice of style, but it showed that 'normal' alloys can look good. Summary of the day? Lovely weather, good turnout, excellent day!

April 17th

I took this week off work to try and catch up on the kit. Prime target for the week is to get the bodywork on. However, first things first, so on Tuesday morning, I finished fitting the rear section of the loom, and bolted the fuel tank down. Following this, I retrieved the bootbox from the roof, and offered it up to the rear of the car. Hmm. No joy. First of all, it didn't seem to want to go forwards enough to fit, and besides, the side 'ears' of GRP were distinctly too big. An ideal break for lunch.

Fortunately, I decided to check Tim's website to see how he was going, and it turned out he'd fitted the tub the day before. Armed with this useful information and a full stomach, it was back to the garage! Unfortunately, it rapidly became obvious that I couldn't hold the GRP and make the necessary measurements at the same time, so that was put on hold until I could find a willing volunteer. Just as well, cos I got dragged into work for the rest of the afternoon...

April 18th

While in work yesterday, and after reading Tim's diary, I decided to ask the Dax list about the rear tub measurements. Fortunately, Tim went to Dax today (and bought the only exhaust they had - just as I'd decided that I should get the Dax one - 3 week wait for me now...), and measured their demonstrator. So, I grabbed Richard to come and hold the GRP after work. In the meantime, I fitted the steering rack and rods, stripping two bolts in the process. A fair chunk needs taking out the offside engine mount to provide clearance...

I also went to a local tyre place (Ely Tyres) to ask them about wheels, as I've decided the Image ones aren't really worth the vast sums they command. The proprietor there has built a (blue...) Dax Rush Pinto, and put standard Ford fitment 7x16" TSW wheels on, which he says are OK, but don't quite fill the width of the rear arches. However, at about 700 quid for the wheels and Yoko tyres (compared to over 1k for just the Image wheels!) that's hardly an aesthetic disaster. And I'd guess there's no reason why spacers shouldn't be fitted if need be. I think this is the route I'll take - I just need to decide what style to go for (oh no, not another choice!).

Richard duly arrived after work, and within a couple of minutes, I'd marked up the underside of the tub where I needed to make slots for the chassis tubes.

April 19th

Today was taken up by trying to get the bootbox to fit, and trimming the GRP ears. The itchy fingers are back, and I really should learn to wear gloves as well as mask/goggles when cutting swathes of GRP...

April 20th

Continued fitting the bootbox, and I think I've got it sorted now. Got one of the side panels down from the roof to see how it fits, and I reckon that there's not much to cut off to fit at all, maybe 10mm max at the very top back. Hopefully, I'll get to do that tomorrow.

This afternoon, I went to the local recycled autoparts place (it's not really a scrappie, as everything is tested and on the shelves), and got a mini wiper system and starter motor. I'd gone to get a high-level brake light from something like a Xsara or Rover 200, but they didn't have any. I also went mad ordering stuff from Europa, and should hopefully have a full set of Telemetrix instruments and a pair of 4-point aircraft buckle harnesses next week :-)
Also, I've managed to source some rubber boot thingies for the rear calipers (thanks Chris!), so I can finally fit the rear calipers tomorrow too, which means the handbrake should work!
Shiny red Showing the extra cutouts

April 22nd

Spent yesterday and today trying to bury myself in GRP dust. While this wasn't quite achieved, I did manage to trim my side panels to fit. It's a very fiddly job, only made bearable by using a dremel to carefully sand away mm by mm until things fit. None of which is made any easier by the amazing variability in the thickness of the GRP, something Tim's noticed too - Dax really need some lessons...

Anyway, I also fitted the rear calipers, and did the cutout on the scuttle to clear the master cylinders. This allowed me to sit all the GRP in place, and take some photos. It was at this point that I noticed that the nearside chassis engine mount bracket actually sticks out from the chassis considerably more than the offside, rubbing on the GRP side. I can grind a lump off the bracket itself, but the chassis bracket is still there...
Closeup of the bootbox/side join Mmm, nice Mmm, nice It ain't quite wide enough!

April 28th

Nothing got done during the week, so I went down to Dax this morning to grab a radiator and propshaft. While down there, I took the opportunity to check the V8 demonstrator, and the rear tub fits as badly underneath (about 20mm short of the front tank-tray crossmember that it's supposed to be screwed to) as mine does. I finally decided to go for squab seats too (they're slightly thinner than the high-back, and every little helps), and ordered them and tonneaus. Also bought a high-level brake light from Dax, as this is one thing I'm not willing to do without. After fitting one to the Tiger, I noticed quite an increase in the gap people left behind me - with a fuel tank there, that's got to be a good thing. Went to the local boy-racer shop down there (which is quite large) to look at wheels. Left with a headache due to the 'bass choobs', and feeling old. So, this afternoon, I've fitted the rear tub properly. Rivets along the back crossmember and shoulder panels, and sufficient Wurth to hopefully stop any sort of flapping.

April 28th

Fitted the fuel filler and high-level brake light. Well, that took longer than expected...