March 11th

I know it says wiring, 'cos I've started looking at that now. But first, the engine is now in. Hmm, it sounds _so_ easy when I put it like that...

First of all, the bolt saga. While taking the rod back to the LR dealer, I ordered a set of mount bolts (cunning idea at the time). They were due to arrive Wednesday, so I went to collect them, to be told they didn't do them any more, but they were 7/16" UNC. They then directed me to the commercial van maintenance depot, who were equally unable to help, but gave me the name of a specialist nut/bolt/screw supplier nearby. And indeed, they had 7/16" UNC bolts, which fitted perfectly.

So, Friday evening, I enlisted the help of Richard to get the engine in. Except it didn't fit. It was impossible to get the angle such that it would go in without removal of the front pulley. I notice that Duncan managed ok, but Tim had to remove the pulley. So, saturday morning, I tried to remove the pulley. Except I couldn't. Hmm. The only course of action left was to pull the engine from the gearbox, and put the 'box in first, followed by the engine. By shoving the 'box as far up the tunnel as possible, there was _just_ enough room to drop the engine in and forward so the 'box could be moved to its correct position, and the engine carefully wiggled onto the bellhousing locating lugs. Oh yes, and the engine mounts had to come off for this too :-)

Anyway, it's in now, as the below photos show. They also show how messy the garage has got rather quickly too :-(. Oh, and there's _still_ no sign of my brake discs etc, despite hassling Hispec several times, being told it's 'almost ready to go out' several times. If it's not here on Monday, I'll be considering cancelling the order...

It's in! Hmm, told you I needed to tidy up...

March 15th

The brakes have _finally_ arrived. The fronts are _huge_ :-) Oh yeah, and I took one of the rocker covers off to have a peek underneath - looks nice'n'clean.

Big discs! Under the rocker

March 25th

Well, I thought I'd best make an entry, even though I've done dismally little. All I've done is put the chunk of GRP on that goes behind the seats, and grumbled lots at the poor fit of the tunnel. Oh, and mounted the fuel pump and thought about the fuel pipe routing more.