January 8th

Unfortunately I got called into work today (despite being on holiday), so that soaked up a good part of the day. However, despite that, I've managed to get the rear suspension sorted, along with the rear section of the brake piping. The A-frame bushes actually went in quite easily once I'd got some seriously big washers from the local hardware store to pull the bush in. However, getting the diff to seat properly turned out to be a lot more time-consuming than I'd imagined. The trick seems to be in the order of bolt fastening. First the front two, then the back-right, then the lower two, and finally the back-left. It was also notable that the 'correct' bolts for the front two are actually too short, but because of the bolt kit, I fortunately had two spare of the correct length that would've been used in the 7.5" diff case.

Close up of rear suspension Another look

What else? Oh yes, I got my rear bearings (finally!). 35 quid a pop, which is quite reasonable. Took several attempts to get the right ones though, as I didn't know for sure what my rear-end had come off (turns out it was an XR4x4 with ABS). Also went to a local 'recycling centre' and got a pair of front hubs at 25 quid a pop. Tomorrow, I'll try and find a steering column...

January 12th

Well, very little actual progress over the last few days, mainly due to the large number of interdependencies that seem to have sprung up. I need to route the brake and fuel pipes, but can't really until I know where is safe to route them when the engine's in. However, I can't put the engine in before I do the fuel piping (not least because I've still not got my engine - hopefully I'll be collecting it sometime in the next fortnight!). I think I've got a route sorted now though, and have bought some 5/16" ID kunifer piping to do it with. Basically, I'm intending on doing kunifer from the passenger footwell end, along the tunnel, up the diagonal and out at the top of the diff. From thereon, I'll probably use flexible rubber hose, as there's not the space constraint, and it's a lot easier to route. In other news, I've put one of the shoulder GRP panels on, and one of the new sidepanels that goes on the inside of the outer chassis rails. I also couldn't resist sitting the outer GRP skin in place - ooh it does look nice :-)

January 14th

Hmm, not much to report again. Went to the Autosport show yesterday, and had a good look at the V8s on the John Eales stand. Also saw a place called 'Wildcat' that does replacement aluminium stage2 heads. They look pretty potent, but I bet they don't come cheap. Wildcat also do a 6(!) litre RV8 block. I think I'll make do with 3.9 to start with :-) The Thunderdrome was very aptly named - a horde of F1 BRISCA stock cars hooning round an indoor arena with unsilenced small-block chevys is LOUD! Today, I put on the other shoulder panel (which didn't fit as well as the other :-/), and would've done the passenger sidepanel, but for running out of rivets. And that's it. Holiday over, it's back to work tomorrow, which means less time on the kit. However, given how I've slowed down over this week, maybe it'll improve my work/time ratio...

January 21st

This being back at work lark isn't helping get the Rush done... Having said that, neither is having a cold. But, I've done all the brake piping and completed the panelling anyway. Now, I'm a bit stuck for things to do - I really need the engine...

To put the steering column in, I need the engine in place to know where the column will go.
To put the pedal box in, I need to know where the column will go.
To put the wiring in, I need to know how the EFI bits are going to fit in.
To put the fuel piping in, I need to know where it goes to (the engine is non-standard, with Jag injectors and an enlarged plenum).
So, it's fingers crossed that I'll be able to get my grubby mitts on the engine (currently resident in a TVR) sometime next week. In the meantime, I think I'll partake of some shopping therapy courtesy of Europa... :-)

January 28th

Still no engine, though I'm promised it will be ready some time this week... I spent the last week trying to find some SD1 engine mounts, to no avail. They seem to be as rare as hen's teeth. Rimmer Bros want 100ukp/pair, and no scrapyards I tried had any, or had seen any for a while. On a final attempt, I went to a scrappie in the middle of nowhere yesterday afternoon, and to my surprise, they had one SD1, and it just happened to be a V8! So, they should be getting the mounts off for me during next week, and I just hope they're in serviceable condition!

In the morning, I went down to Dax with Richard to get our steering columns modded, and also to buy a few bits (fuel filters, pump, piping, dash and clutch master cylinder). Well, that was a quick way to spend almost 400... I also took the opportunity to take a load of photos of their V8 demonstrator, which proved both useful and irritating.

The useful bit was that I was able to measure where the hole for the steering column is in their footwell, which has allowed me to fit that panel this afternoon, and fit the column. I also fitted the pre-filter, and decided where to put the pump. However, I'm not sure how to fit the pump. Ideally, I want a pair of 60mm pipe clips or something like that, but might end up having to try and make an aluminium circular clamp of some sort.

The irritating bits were that I noticed they've fitted the front brake piping the same way Tim has, whereas I followed the manual and Duncan. I've a suspicion that I might end up having to re-route the front pipes as they _might_ foul the pulley under hard braking. I'll leave it until the engine's actually in though. Also, having had a crawl over a Dax with an EFi engine in, I've come to the conclusion that it really is a lot easier to route the fuel pipes down the driver's side of the tunnel. And it's a lot easier to use rubber throughout. So, that was a waste of 25 quid on kunifer then... Finally, apologies for the lack of pictures. I really must get round to taking some - I'll try to do it during the week...