September 9th

Well, I'm now starting to strongly doubt that I'll make the 25th Sept SVA date. I'm not getting much done on the car at the moment - this weekend I only fitted the other repeater, and finally managed to get the oil filter off the remote head. Oh, and I got some doortrim to use for lining the tiewraps on the fuel pipe. Also, a myriad of little things are popping up as "needing doing", while other jobs are looking more time-consuming than they first appeared. With all this in mind, and the fact that the weather will be on a downhill path from hereon, I'm very tempted to just forget about the idea of getting it on the road this year, as I don't want to rush (no pun intended) it, and go for a March date next year - similar, as it turns out, to what I did with the Tiger.

October 7th

Good grief, I've done nothing for longer than I thought! As is obvious, I didn't make the test date. In fact I've done virtually nothing on it since, other than mount the wiper motor. And get suspicious about the labelling on the EFI loom - two connectors, one brown, one white. The labelling suggests that the brown connector goes on the white socket, and vice versa. Time to refer to the wiring diagram...

November 19th

Another month passes, and nothing done. It's difficult to regain momentum after a long break, especially when there's no 'easy way' in. All the things to do are fairly problematic. However, I did have a go at doing the alternator bracket today, but the one I bought is no good, the original is no good, and the Range Rover one I got (having been told it worked), didn't (it was the same as my original mount). I guess the only route is to make something up from scratch.