First of all, a few words about the organisation of this diary. After considering a number of layouts, I've decided to go with the same sort of structure as Tim's Dax diary. That is, roughly chronological ordering. On entering the page, it will (should!) always open at the latest page, with older pages accessible via the entries in the bar on the left.


December 21st

Today was collection day. Suitably equipped with a LWB Luton Transit, Richard and I trundled down to Dax to collect our Rushes. As can be seen, it all _just_ fitted in the van, and got neatly tucked away in the garage to await my return after Xmas...
At Dax In the van In the garage Well, you've got to try it, haven't you? :-)


January 2nd

Having returned from my Christmas break, it's time to start getting serious, so today I painted up the donor rear suspension gear, and went out in search of rear bearing kits.

Before... ...And after Halfway there...

They should arrive on Friday, so that gives me a bit of time to try and remove the existing bearings, which are proving more than a little obstinate. When I got back, I opened the large box of bits from Dax, and gave it a cursory glance over to make sure it's all there. It certainly seems to be, which surprised me a little from my dealings with Tiger, and what I've heard of Westfield etc. Top marks to Dax! However, minus marks to Dax for the quality of the powder coating - I spent a while going over it, spotting uncoated spots and cleaning off the surplus coating where it'd been stood on the trestles while being coated. Tomorrow, I'll get some Hammerite.


January 3rd

First real part of building done - I've started panelling. Well, at least I've started trimming the panels. Although they're 'ok' as they come straight from Dax, they're not perfectly right, being a little oversize. One thing I've decided about the Rush is that I'm going to try and be a perfectionist where possible, so I'm going to trim all the panels to exact fit (such that they're flush with the curve of the edge of the tubes. It may take a little longer, and almost certainly won't be visible in the finished car, but it'll make me feel better :-) Oh, and I hammerited some bits of the chassis as promised.
Dodgy powdercoating Panels to be trimmed...


January 4th

Hmm, this panelling-perfection thing takes time... Today, I've rivetted the front two floorpanels on, and have trimmed/marked out the main floorpanels to be rivetted on first thing tomorrow. You may note that the adhesive/sealant isn't the Wurth stuff that Dax use - this is because I assumed that some would be included with the kit. It wasn't, and so I got the Evo-stik equivalent from B&Q. I've also finally managed to get the rear body section into the roof of the garage, so that gives me a bit more room. Head-scratching a-plenty over an apparent surplus of panels though - there are two long almost triangular ones which I thought might be the shoulder panels, but I've got the GRP ones of those...

Ready to go... All done! Next please

Also, on looking at the diff and the bolts supplied, I can't see how they're long enough. I think the problem is that Dax expect a new-style diff which takes 3 bolts each side whereas mine's the older sort which takes two very long through bolts, and has two small bolts at the front.


January 5th

Ahem. Forget the above paragrah - I'm an idjit. On browsing through the box of bolts today, I found a bag marked "De dion diff" which contains a suitable set of bolts to mount the diff. Obviously this was spirited into the garage overnight by persons unknown :-) I've now got the main floorpanels rivetted on. I'd forgotten what a pain riveting is. Literally! Especially with the big-head 4.5mm rivets that Dax use for the floorpanels! 74 rivets per panel, 2 panels, and 3 double-handed squeezes per rivet. Richard, you're going to enjoy it _so_ much...

Very artistic! All done!


January 6th

First task of the day was to remove the back of the diff, drain the oil and replace, before I forgot. With that duly done, I turned my attentions to the passenger footwell panel, which is supposed to be a bit of a tricky one. Indeed, it's very tricky to get the panel in there. So, I decided discretion was the better part of valour, and made a cardboard template first. Copying that to aluminium was straighforward enough, and then a bit of gentle (ok, so maybe not so gentle) bending and persuading saw the panel in place. A swift couple of whacks with the flat of a length of wood saw it back into a flat shape and bent neatly round the tunnel upright. A couple of rivets, and sorted.

Very artistic!

Now, what next... Well, the bushes need popping in. These went in amazingly easily with a bit of washing up liquid. Heh, it's simple this stuff. Now, the A-frame big bushes are a different matter. Absolute sods to get in, cos they're metal on metal. I'll have to ask Tim if he's still got the rig he made up to push his in...

So, with that abandoned, I fitted the handbrake, and put the springs on the rear shocks. The springs are uneven front/rear, with 300lb at the rear, and 375 at the front. Apparently this is all evened off by the differing suspension geometries. Anyhow, they slid on no problem, not even requiring spring compressors! Hopefully I'll fit the diff and brakepipes tomorrow. I must get round to working out what I'm going to do about fuel piping too. At the moment, I favour solid piping, due to its smaller external diameter (Injection means I'll need a return line too), but am unsure what internal diameter I'll need, and what sort of piping will do. Will bog-standard brake piping be ok for fuel, or do I need a special sort?